Question about protein (;-)

Anton Tutter atutter at aim.salk.edu
Sun Jul 23 10:59:38 EST 2000

> Hello everybody!
> I have a simple question, but it's hard for me.
> I run SDS-PAGE using the protein samples prepared by myself, and stain the
> gel with commassie blue after ecletrophoresis. The troublesome thing is that
> there is always smear on the gel according to the place of each lane. I
> don't know if this means the protein is degraded, or should the staining
> appear to have some major visible band .
> I am sorry for my poor description, but if you are interested in this
> problem, I can email you a picture of the gel.
> thanks a lot!!!
> Kun Qian

without describing the streaks more precisely, i would guess one of two

1) you are overloading the lanes with too much protein

2) your casting comb is not clean.  dried proteins from handling the combs
can go into solution when the comb is inserted in the gel, and can cause
streaks.  especially obvious with silver stains, less so with coommassie.


tutter at salk.edu

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