removal of SDS from protein samples

Siddhartha S Mitra ssmitra at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sun Jul 16 17:35:17 EST 2000

I have used triton-X-100 with NP40 or some other non ionic detergent at an
excess of 9:1 and have ben able to remove sds to the level I desire. I usually
use it convert a denaturing IP to non denaturing conditions I guess it depends
on the properties of your protein of interest

MArk Bond wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know of an easy way to removal SDS from protein samples. I know
> you can get detergent out columns from genotech that remove free sds but how
> can i remove SDS bound to the protein?  Can I add triton - x- 100 ? This
> should form micells and pull the SDS from the protein into the hydrophobic
> micells, shouldn't it? Can I do enzyme assays with the triton there?
> Hope you can help
> Please reply to my e-mail address = Mark.bond at bris.ac.uk
> Cheers
> Mark Bond

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