removal of SDS from protein samples

Phil Harrison arsphys at cc.usu.edu
Mon Jul 10 10:25:03 EST 2000

At 11:40 AM 07/10/2000 +0000, Mark Bond wrote:
>Does anyone know of an easy way to removal SDS from protein samples. I know
>you can get detergent out columns from genotech that remove free sds but how
>can i remove SDS bound to the protein?  Can I add triton - x- 100 ? This
>should form micells and pull the SDS from the protein into the hydrophobic
>micells, shouldn't it? Can I do enzyme assays with the triton there?

A better solution would be to add 4 volumes of cold acetone and precipitate the protein.
Add 5% sucrose to keep the protein from becoming completely dehydrated and insoluble.
The SDS remains dissolved in the acetone and is removed from the protein.  That seems
to me to be a better solution than adding another substance that may interfere with your
enzymes (the SDS almost surely will, the Triton-X, very possibly). 

Phil Harrison


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