In vivo chemical-crosslink??

Austin P. So (Hae-Jin) haejin at netinfo.ubc.caX
Wed Jul 5 13:51:25 EST 2000

Pierce is the company that has focused on this particular method (went out of
vogue a while back). There are many cross linkers that are available for
exactly this purpose.


They also have a good body of information.

Martin Offterdinger wrote:

> Hi netters,
> Is it possible to do in vivo chemical crosslinking, i.e. treat cells with a
> crosslinker and isolate proteins afterwards in order to analyze protein
> interactions via immunopreciptation and/or Western?
> Which crosslinker (s) can be used for that purpose?
> Which controls should be done?
> Any input is highly appreciated!
> Thank you!
> martin

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