Human follicles into mouse, need help???

- leadinginfo at adelphia.net
Sun Jul 2 23:08:31 EST 2000

I am doing a science project detailing how human follicles are immune to
organ type rejection when placed into another.  There was a paper out there
that showed the procedure for this using a mouse subject with human
follicles.  If anyone knows where I can find this paper or has a procedure
for this I would be appreciative.  One of the biggest problems I am
encountering is what to use as a transport medium.  I don't remember if it
was injected via syringe or a topical solution.  I believe it was by
syringe.  If it was a syringe I believe it was injected using a light saline
solution.  I am just researching this now and want to make sure I am correct
before starting all this. Also it looks like Cytotech is the only company I
can find that produces the actual cells.  There are a few other companies
that produce the growth serum.  If anyone knows of another company producing
the cells themselves then please let me know as well.
Thanks for all the help.

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