Binding to GST resin

Cyril Privenzentzev cprivenz at igr.fr
Mon Jan 10 12:28:35 EST 2000

Dear Netters:
I tried to purify GST-fusion protein using Glutathione Sepharose 4B
(Pharmacia). The protein is 30kDa DNA-glycosylase With high affinity to
DNA. Finally, I've got a good band. However, about 80% of activity
remains in the crude extract. Re-use of the flow-through with new batch
of resin resulted in nothing-most of the activity goes through the
resin.How can I improve the binding of my protein? High salt? More
Any ideas will be highly appreciated.
Cyril VP

Dr. Cyril V. Privezentzev
Group "Reparation de l'ADN
CNRS UMR 8532  
Institut Gustave-Roussy
Pavillon de Recherche II
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94805 Villejuif Cedex
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