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I should have known that a good Pilsner is also a good teacher.

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> 'pH' stands for the Latin 'pondus hydrogenium', i.e., the weight/power of
> hydrogen.
> The term was coined and defined at the end of the 19th century by the Danish
> chemist Sorensen (the 'o' in the name has a slash through it) and a
> colleague, whose name I have forgotten.
> They were  employed by the Carlsberg beer brewery in Copenhagen and  trying
> to figure out the parameters causing bad brews. They discovered as one of
> the most decisive parameters the hydrogen-ion concentration.
> Microbiologists later discovered  that at high pH-values  yeasts do not grow
> anaerobically and strains of the anaerobe bacterium Clostridium take over,
> producing a rather foul smelling brew.

Peter Pediaditakis

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