pI-Distribution in various organism?

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> Hi everybody!
> I am looking for information about the distribution of isoelectric
> points in the proteomes of various organisms but cannot find any
> publications in PubMed (probably using the wrong query terms). I
> calculated the distribution for human, yeast and E.coli from Internet
> resources, but these are _only_ ORF-pIs and I would like some theories
> and amounts, too!
> Does anybody have a paper at hand I could use as a starting point?

Sorry I don't have any papers to recommend but it may be worth
checking out sites devoted to 2D gel analysis as pI is a subject
very close to their hearts.
is a good starting place.


Bernard P. Murray, PhD
bpmurray at cgl . ucsf . edu
Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology, UCSF

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