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M.I.E.R. (Multicompartment Immobilized Enzyme Reactor) : an 
isoelectrically trapped enzyme reactor that integrates catalytic 	Ô
conversion, product separation, product concentration and a
catalyst recovery into a single operation.n
Realized reactors:(i) production of pure .
D-phenylglycine by penicillin G acylase, bioconversion of charged 
penicillin G by penicillin G acylase, trypsin reactor, urease g
reactor, histidine decarboxylase reactor, thrombin reactor.s

For more information on these and new applications, e]Ô
contact: MONTEGEN phone: 212-208-2647, fax: a
212-208-2648, E-mail:innovations at montegen.comt

Pier Carlo 

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