how to do a membrane protein prep from Xenopus?

Richard J. Dudley rdudley at pitt.edu
Thu Feb 10 08:40:22 EST 2000

There's a volume of Methods in Enzymology about Xenopus oocytes that has
fractionation methods.  There's also a Methods in Cell Biology about
Xenopus.  Try your library.


"-7758,599-3231" wrote:

> Hi All -
>   Can someone point me to a protocol (whether on-line, or in a
> journal) for doing the following: I want to do a prep of membranes (both
> the cell membrane and vesicle membranes) from Xenopus embryos (early
> embryos, gastrulation stage). The idea is to then test binding of a drug
> (radioactively tagged) to a protein which is found in the cytoplasmic and
> various vesicle membranes. If anyone knows where I can get a protocol for
> doing this, please email me (my access to this newsgroup is sporadic) at
> mlevin at husc.harvard.edu. Thanks in advance!
> Mike Levin

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