Purification of monomeric actin

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> Brilliant! Just what I was after.

<bows>  pleased to be of service.

> Now for the bunnies or should I juts
> go and get a few lb of primer beef steak :-). I don't suppose for the
> use I'm going to put it too that it will matter.

Hmm, any skeletal muscle should do.  Bunnies, cute, white, fluffy white 
New Zealand bunnies are traditional because animal houses usually have a 
surfeit of retired, fat, old animals, and it's good practice to take the 
muscle when an animal is terminally bled for antisera.

It seems a waste of prime steak to make actin from it.   :))

You could use beef heart[0] I guess, but then you'd get smooth muscle 
actin . . .


(who is intrigued - why do you want grams of G-actin?)

[0] Damn.  None of us here can remember what Captn Beefheart's hit was!

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