Help to find software

Chris Larosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Thu Feb 3 04:07:22 EST 2000

Do web search for WinPep.....freeware does Kyte an Doolittle.   There
are so many predictions servers on web,,,, just do web search and you
will find dozens..!

Dima Klenchin wrote:

> timour at itte.kz (Timour Ivashchenko) wrote:
> :Dear All!
> :
> :Can anybody tell me where to get free software which can
> :calculate the following parameters
> :based on amino acid sequences:
> :1. Kyte&Doolittle Hydrophobicity priofile
> :2. Protein secondary structure
> :
> I don't know off-hand about free software, but there are many web
> sites that do both. Try
> http://neehow.ym.edu.tw/wonderful/soft-online/
> or for hydrophobicity profile
> http://grserv.med.jhmi.edu/~raj/MISC/hphobh.html
>         - Dima

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