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> 1. What is the difference between protein synthesis and protein breakdown?

Protein synthesis is what makes you grow.  for that matter, protein
synthesis is required for all cells to grow.  If you inhibit the protein
synthesis, then the cell and the higher organism dies.
Protein breakdown occurs in the lysosome of every normal cell in your
body.  It also occurs in the pathologic states.

> 2. What is the function of ATP?

It is what makes the world go round as far as your body is concerned.  It
is the primary energy molecule in the body.  Sugar and proteins and fat
are broken down to create this molecule.

> 3. Can you explain the effects of insulin on muscle?

Insulin upregulates specific sugar transoport molecules in the cell
membrane.  i think that they are GLUT# and GLUT4

Why don't you go back to the libray and check out a book on biochemistry. 
Chapters if not volumes of books have been written on these topics

Peter Pediaditakis
University of Pittsburgh
Dept. of Pathology

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