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IMKoRnNuts IMKoRnNuts at mac.com
Wed Apr 12 19:25:33 EST 2000

No this isn't my automatic homework machine. But when I found everything I can
at the two local and the school libraries, interviewed the school weight
lifting teacher and school trainer, searched the internet for two months, and
still haven't found enough, then I have to look for other sources. The nearest
college is over an hour away and I just don't have that kind of time. Posting
on newsgroups was suggested to me by MY CHEMISTRY TEACHER, so that is what I
am doing. Actually it has been quite successful.

If you want a specific questions, fine.

1. What is the difference between protein synthesis and protein breakdown?
2. What is the function of ATP?
3. Can you explain the effects of insulin on muscle?

P.S. This is a pick-your-own-topic-and-apply-chemistry-to-it assignment, so my
textbook isn't going to help.

Frank Fuerst wrote:

> IMKoRnNuts wrote:
> >
> > I am a 17 year old high school student doing a research project for my
> > chemistry class. My assignment is to apply chemistry to weight lifting
> > and muscle production. Any help is appreciated.
> No need to post this twice. We've read it.
> But this is usenet, not your automatic homework-machine.
> If you ask specific questions, you'll probably get specific answers (but
> better read your textbook before asking). If you cry for "any help", you'll
> probably get nothing.
> Yours, Frank
> P.S. If your textbook doesn't help, try any biochemistry book from the next
> universities library.
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> Die Verwendung von mehreren Ausrufezeichen macht die Aussage nicht
> ausrufender sondern ausufernder. [Michael Bauer in dnq]

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