Searching for a dependency of the maximum gas saturation in different viscous solutions

Klemens Raithel klemens at biophysik.biologie.uni-mainz.de
Wed Apr 12 10:39:20 EST 2000

Uncle Al wrote:

> Klemens Raithel wrote:
> >
> > I was wondering, if there exists a dependency between the maximum
> > saturation of a gas (oxygen) and the viscosity of the solution caused by
> > a high concentrated cosolvent (e.g. sucrose, 3M).
> >
> > Is there something known about this problem in the world of science?
> It's hard to see how thermodynamics depends on viscosity rather than
> concentration and identity of the solute.  A very small concentration
> of high MW polyacrylamide will give you a very viscous aqueous
> solution.  It's still mostly water.

Hi Uncle Al,

I am not searching for a viscous solution mostly consisting of water.
I am trying to find a relationship between different viscous solutions and
their capacity to solve gas (to the maximum saturation).
Does a physical formula or chemical rule exist for THIS problem???

Klemens Raithel

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