???There are small spot on the western blot membrane?

Peter pxpst2 at vms.cis.pitt.edu
Thu Oct 14 08:16:35 EST 1999

In article <19991014111315.2578.fmail at 163.net>, nshh at 163.net wrote:

> When i do western blot using PVDF membranes, there are a lot of small spot 
> on the western blot membrane, almost all the part that transferred by gel.
> Who can tell me what had happened? It will help me a lot.

(A) Are the spots seen right after it has come out of the blotting apparatus?
(B) Are the spots seen after the ECL on the film?

If (a) then sounds like you had air bubbles between membrane and gel
If (b) sounds like you have too much ECL reagent left on the blot and the
blot is not sufficiently washed

(a) can be confirmed by looking at the evenness of your transfer with a
reversible stain like Ponceau Red.

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