Workstation for chromatography?

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Fri Oct 8 05:32:32 EST 1999

Dima Klenchin wrote:

> Bio-Rad sells something along these lines, and Pharmacia, I think,
> has not completely abandoned its "simple" FPLC line (I love it).

We have a Pharmacia Aekta and a BioRad Workstation. The Pharmacia
software is much more flexible and you can configure a lot, display
what and how you like, and so on. On the other hand, programming new
methods is more difficult and needs some training, whereas the BioRad
Method Editor is self-explaining: What is possible can be done without
much training.

Thus, if you want it for scientists doing sophisticated things, and
technical assistants or students just repeating it, I'd recommend
Pharmacia. But if you want a system that students or technical
assistants can understand and develop new methods on it, the simple
Biorad user interface might be better.

Not regarding that the Pharmacia systems are much more expensive, I

Bye, Frank
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