Workstation for chromatography?

Dr Dave Parcej parcej at biophys.mpg.de
Thu Oct 7 09:32:41 EST 1999

> >
> >I need some information about workstations for chromatography. I know about
> > Pharmacias Äkta system 
> Can't comment here. Sceptical a bit because it doe snot look like 
> it can be conveniently used in the cold room. Apart from this, Pharmacia
> chtomatography systems are of superior quality (but very expensive!). 

We use our Akta in the cold room without trouble. The only dodgy bit is
the associated PC, but you can even get cold-room comatible PCs now. The
Akta system is (for me) much better and more versatile than the FPLC we


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