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Tue Mar 30 02:11:48 EST 1999

> Can anyone
> tell me what the effects of iodoacetamide on proteins are?

Iodoacetamide reacts with nucleophiles. Depending on pH this could be
different functional groups. I think Cysteine, Lysine (and N-terminal NH2),
Histidine, Arginine (?) and Tyrosine would all react in their deprotonated

Usually Cysteines (as Cys-S-minus) react first and most.

It could be possible that other nucleophiles would react with the adduct
(forming the dimer/multimer that you refer to) but I find it rather unlikely.

Hope this helps

> Thank you very much for your help.
> Claus
> Please reply to Claus.Schwechheimer at yale.edu

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