Protein modeling

Zhang Bo wangqm at NIC.BMI.AC.CN
Sat Mar 27 21:57:52 EST 1999

Anthony Fejes wrote:

> I am looking into doing an undergraduate thesis on prediction of
> protein
> folding and have been unsuccessful at finding any programs which
> perform this
> type of simulation.  I am quite sure they exist, as I have found
> references to
> them in the literature, but locating them has proved to be more
> difficult than
> expected.  I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in a
> direction that
> might help, or if anyone knows where I might be able to find a program
> of
> this type.
>         Much appreciated
>         Anthony fejes
>         apfejes at uwaterloo.ca

You can try the server SwissProt at

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