Protein extraction from frozen tissues?

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>Does anyone have a good protocol for extracting total protein (for western
>blotting) from tissues frozen in liquid nitrogen? Should I pulverise the
>tissue whilst still frozen (as I would for RNA extraction) or allow the
>tissues to defrost and mince/sonicate in a protein extraction buffer?

I use a Polytron homogenizer with a small probe (which can disrupt a total
sample volume of 1 ml), and extract directly into boiling (heated in a
boiling waterbath that is) Laemmli sample buffer.  Just put the frozen
tissue in a tube, add the appropriate volume of sample buffer, and
immediately homogenize. Then heat the sample in a boiling watrbath again
(because the tissue will have cooled the extraction down) and treat as I
would any other Laemmli sample.  I think that the important element here is
to use a vigorous mechanical homogenization that will minimize the time that
the interior of the tissue thaws without having the hot SDS/mercaptoethanol
denaturing any proteases.
    I've never had a problem with degraded bands using this approach, but on
the other hand I've never done an extensive study of alternatives either.

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