Post-doc:tumor supressor proteins

Charles Brenner brenner at dada.jci.tju.edu
Thu Mar 18 16:56:56 EST 1999

We have an opening for one or two for individuals skilled in
biochemistry and/or molecular biology.  The laboratory studies the
function of Fhit and related nucleotide-binding proteins and their
partners in signaling for tumor suppression.  A wide range of techniques
are in use in the laboratory including yeast genetics, enzymology and
X-ray crystallography.  Environment is very stimulating--great
colleagues, new equipment, stable funding, etc.  Candidates that can be
personally interviewed are favored.

Please call, write or email with your qualifications, referees, etc.
Charles Brenner                        Laboratory of Protein Structure
Assistant Professor                              and Cellular Function
Kimmel Cancer Institute                             phone 215-503-4573
Thomas Jefferson University                           fax 215-923-2117
233 S 10th St., rm. 826                mailto:brenner at dada.jci.tju.edu
Philadelphia, PA 19107         http://asterix.jci.tju.edu/brenner.html

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