osmotic lysis

Dae Kyun Ro dkro at MAIL.BOTANY.UBC.CA
Sat Mar 13 02:34:55 EST 1999

Hi, protein netters. I want to rupture my cells (insect cells such as sf9,
ld, hi-5) as gentle as possible. Osmotic lysis seems to be the way to go,
but I don't know how I can design the lysis buffer. I looked up some papers
about the osmotic shock, and I have found a variety of different lysis
buffers. I don't want my cells suddenly ruptured. It would be ideal that
the cells gradually take up water in certain period of time and  broken
open smoothly at some point. Gentle lysis is critical in my experiment
because I want to analyze the multienzyme complex on ER. The nature of
protein-protein interaction may be very weak.

Can anybody tell me good reference or idea? Thank you in advance.

Dae Kyun  Ro
439,  6335 Thunderbird Cres.
Vancouver, BC
Canada  V6T 2G9

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