Protein immobilization on Sepharose using periodate activation (Was: Purifying Antibodies using affinity support)

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>Here I am telling you that Periodate method is one of the most 
>inefficient coupling procedures, particularly for the protein sample 
>with low concentration. 

Have a read of pp46-48 of Affinity Chromatography, A Practical Approach,
IRL press. Although a protein sample of low concentration is not
advisable, this method does give affinity columns with very low non-
specific binding properties. It may not be the best method around but it
does work OK. This book is a good practical guide to affinity
chromatography. If you can get hold of a copy, LKB used to have a book
from Reactifs IBF called Ultrogel, Magnogel and Trisacryl. Practical
guide for use in affinity chromatography and related techniques. It has
nice practical instruction section for all sorts of activation and
subsequent coupling methods.


The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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