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In article <36DB7DBD.51B54998 at san.rr.com>, milton at san.rr.com wrote:

>I'm really interested in finding some information on what platforms
>people use in Molecular Biology... as I am currently having to grapple
>with this decision.
>What operating system do you use?


>What operating system would you prefer?

>What browser do you prefer?

>It's unfortunate when a platform communication barrier gets in the way
>of real research.

Seeing as most molbiol programs exchange data in a text formatof one sort
or another this is not  really a problem.

>"...time to decide."
>Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I would suggest that you pick the platform with which you are most
familiar/happy/most productive on.  If you find you're not fighting the
machine then your work will go more smoothly, and there is in fact a pile
of molbiol software for all the platforms (except possibly Amstrad (-: ). 

Is your problem that you have no experience of different OSes or that
you're not being allowed to have your first choice?  Or something else?

Followups set.



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