Gel Filtration MW-standards

Peeter Toomik peeter.toomik at ut.ee
Thu Jan 28 09:22:49 EST 1999

I think that giant hemoglobins of earthworms (at least up to 3.8 MD) will be
O.K. You can easily find a lot of references in Medline. I can remember that
somebody had passed the body fluid of earthworm through a gel filtration
column, collected the pink fraction,  and used it as a MW standard.
Unfortunately, I cannot remember the reference.

Peeter Toomik
x wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm searching for some proteins useable as MW-standards for gel filtration.
> I need some standards in the range form approx. 1 MDa to approx. 2.5 MDa.
> Commercial standards normally have a range up to 669 kDa and therefore are
> not appropriate. Any hints/tips which proteins to use are very welcome!
> Thanks,
> WG
> graml at biochem.mpg.de

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