Protein Homogenization for 2D Electrophoresis ?

Amanda Nouwens anouwens at RNA.BIO.MQ.EDU.AU
Wed Jan 27 16:28:40 EST 1999

> Who can sent protocolls of Protein Homogenization for 2D electrophoresis, or
> links where i can find them ?

I work at the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility.  We have a variety of 
protocols available for 2D PAGE - how we deal with samples depends entirely 
on the nature of the material (ie mammalian, plant, bacteria, cell wall, 
cytoplasmic proteins etc).  You could check out the web site 
www.proteome.org.au which has some of the protocols listed. 
If you want to send me more details about the type of sample you want to work 
with, I can provide more detailed advice.  

The journal Electrophoresis is also very good for protocols, methods etc. 


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