IBCUSA 2nd Annual Expression Technologies Conference

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Thu Jan 21 12:33:08 EST 1999

*** Call For Papers/Abstracts *** IBCUSA's 2nd Annual International
Conference on Expression Technologies in Protein Pharmaceuticals, Vaccine
Production and Drug Discovery August 5-6, 1999 * Venue:  TBD


Exciting developments concerning the large-scale production of recombinant
proteins in hterologous hosts have driven many of the most significant
biotechnological advances of recent years.  Fundamental research from
biophysics to cell biology, drug discovery systems, protein pharmaceuticals,
vaccine production and most recently functional genomics, are some of the
diverse fields underpinned by such techniques.	There now exists a
bewildering diversity of expression systems to choose from - some tried and
tested; and others relatively new, but with great promise.  This dynamically
forward-thinking conference takes the dominant systems in the field
-bacterial, yeast and insect - and deconstructs the mystery surrounding them.

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