Anamalous pKa values for asp and glu residues?

David Mueller muellerd at MIS.FINCHCMS.EDU
Wed Jan 20 08:52:24 EST 1999

Tozawa, K., Ohbuchi, H., Yagi, H., Amano, T., Matsui, T., Yoshida, M., and
Akutsu, H. Unusual pKa of the carboxylate at the putative catalytic position
of thermophilic F1-ATPase beta subunit determined by 13C-NMR. FEBS Lett.
397:122-126, 1996.

At 02:33 AM 1/20/99 GMT, you wrote:
>	Hi! Can anyone point me to any examples of proteins which have
>acidic residues with unusually high pKa values (for instance, residues
>which are buried in enzyme active sites)?
>	Thanks!
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