No protease activity in yeast extract!?

Christoph Peter deleteme_cpeter at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 18 13:53:57 EST 1999

Hi all!

I am trying to determine protease activity in biological samples. 

We have established an assay using Azocasein and  the Protease-Kit
from Pierce. Using Trypsin and Papain as standards we get nice
calibration-curves with these assays. When we try a freshly made
yeast-extract as a supposedly positive sample (glass beads, no
additives to buffer (PO4, pH7.0)) we do not find the least bit of
protease activity. 

Although this would be good news to everybody purifying yeast
proteins, I suppose something is really going wrong with the assays!

 Who had similar experience or is using either assay successfully?

Thanks in advance...................................Christoph
(PhD-Student, Biotechnology)
Christoph Peter
PhD Student (Biotechnology)
cpeter at zedat dot fu-berlin dot de

>Alles wird gut!<(Beate)

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