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Dear Silvano,

>      I would like to receive informations about the following techniques:
>      1)Iso-electric focusing of glycosilated proteins such as rh-TPO

Assuming you are using IPG strips for the isoelectric focusing, the following is 
my suggestion. 

Iso-electric focusing (and 2D PAGE) of glycosylated proteins can be a little 
more tricky than non-glycosylated proteins.  Sometimes it seems difficult to 
actually get them into the IPG strip.  I would suggest two things - either use a 
sample buffer with strong reducing and denaturing conditions - refer to Molloy et 
al, 1998 (Electrophoresis 19:837-844) for details on sample solutions.  
Alternatively, you could try boiling your protein in SDS-DTT (standard 1D 
sample buffer), diluting the protein with the sample buffer used to rehydrate the 
IPG strip, and cup loading the protein.  

The above is fairly general - I can provide more specific information if required. 



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