Stability of protein in glycerol

Peter Bradley pbradley at stanford.edu
Sun Jan 10 20:06:07 EST 1999

In article <F5Au4z.890 at news.muni.cz>, "Vladimir Rotrekl" <rotrekl at chemi.muni.cz> wrote:

> Dear all,
>    I have produced recently some mutant proteins, which are not really
> examples of protein stability. But they are at least able to stay in
> solution at 4C. The problem appeared when I tried to run native PAGE.
> Samples precipitated after addition of glycerol(20%) loading buffer.
>    My qustion is if (and if yes then how) it is possible to use other
> compounds to prepare sample buffer for proteins (like in DNA 10% ficol or
> sucrose).
> Thanks a lot
>     Vladimir

Proteins that I have purified for sequencing and dont want to block the N-terminus I use a sucrose-based loading buffer described by BioRad.  You can find it from them with instructions to use their PVDF membrane.
good luck,

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