removing DNA - The smart solution is - Benzonase

Bernard P. Murray, PhD bpmurray*STUFFER* at socrates.ucsf.edu
Fri Jan 8 21:28:04 EST 1999

In article <77501s$uoe$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>, frank.moersberger at merck.de wrote:

> Dear Silke,
> you wrote that you used DNAse and RNAse, I assume with poor success. I'd like
> to put your attention to a special endonuclease that is much more effective
> (if used properly). It is called Benzonase

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> Best regards
> Frank
Is this the same thing as eg. micrococcal nuclease?
How do you inactivate benzonase?  Can you treat a
protein sample and then inactivate the enzyme so
that you can re-introduce DNA or RNA and not have
them chewed up? (ie. would it be any use in cleaning
samples for transcription/translation?)
     Thanks for any (scientific) info,
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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