Stability of protein in glycerol

Achim Recktenwald achimr at home.com
Sat Jan 9 12:39:31 EST 1999

For native PAGE everything is possible, as long as it is not a salt.
You might have to play around with your protein a bit and try different
buffer matrices. We are working with proteins that are often denatured
during purification and have to keep them in solution. Lately we had one
that precipitated in everything we tried, till somebody more by mistake
dialyzed it against 10 mM Tris; it's soluble don't ask we why.



Vladimir Rotrekl wrote in message ...
>Dear all,
>   I have produced recently some mutant proteins, which are not really
>examples of protein stability. But they are at least able to stay in
>solution at 4C. The problem appeared when I tried to run native PAGE.
>Samples precipitated after addition of glycerol(20%) loading buffer.
>   My qustion is if (and if yes then how) it is possible to use other
>compounds to prepare sample buffer for proteins (like in DNA 10% ficol or
>Thanks a lot
>    Vladimir

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