Flax seed protein analysis

Van De Weghe - De Meyer luc.vandeweghe at worldonline.be
Sat Jan 9 16:35:07 EST 1999

About 10 years ago I have tested different buffer solutions of different pH
values and some alcoholic solutions to extract seed proteins from meal of
flax seeds, either or not defatted.
Some extracts were suited for PAGE, SDS-PAGE and/or PAGIF.
Sorry for the bad news : in none of the electrophoresis experiments it was
possible to distinguish the varieties, as can be done with wheat, barley,
oats, maize, ryegrass, potatoes, ...
Some RAPD experiments resuted in differentiation in groups, but those
experiments are temporarily stopped.
If you like to know more about it, or if you succeed to differentiate
between flax cultivars by protein electrophoresis, please contact me at
e-mail : luc.vandeweghe at worldonline.be

Jeffrey Prischmann heeft geschreven in bericht
<770h6a$qru$1 at node2.nodak.edu>...
>Does anyone know of a method to extract seed proteins from flax and an
>electrophoesis proceedure to separate them?  I am trying to do variety
>identification of flax using seed protein.

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