Meeting Announcement: Third International Meeting on the Function of AAA proteins

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Third International Meeting on the Function of AAA proteins

April 16 to 19, 1999, The Salk Institute, La Jolla, California

Martin Latterich and Suresh Subramani (Organizers)

We are pleased to announce the meeting dates and confirmed participants
for the Third International Meeting on the Function of AAA proteins

Date: April 16 to April 19, 1999

Friday, April 16, is the official opening of the conference.
Registration will start at 9:00 am outside the Main Auditorium of the
Salk Institute (East Building; will be sign-posted). The first sessions
will start at 10:00 am in the morning that day. You may wish to arrive
on April 15 to get settled in your hotel.

Monday, April 19 is the day of departure. The last session will finish
about 1:00 pm.

Location: La Jolla, California

Organization, Registration and Financing

We intend to organize lectures, poster presentations and discussions,
similar to the format given in the Second Conference. In addition to
invited speakers and participants, additional participants will be
selected by the organizers from applications received after advertising
the meeting. We like to invite everybody who works with proteins that
are members of the AAA family of ATPases.

A registration fee of $ 400 will be necessary to cover meeting expenses
and meals. Lodging will have to be paid separately by each attendee. We
will arrange hotel accommodation according to your preference for a
separate charge to allow for accommodation of spouses and families. It
is suggested that the participants try to get subsistence for travel
and stay through their national grant-giving institutions. 

Invited Speakers 

We have commitments from Drs. Wolfgang Baumeister (Max-Planck
Gesellschaft, Munich; archaebacterial AAA proteins), Michel Duguet
(Orsay; ftsH protein), Scott Emr (UC San Diego; Vps4 protein), Horst
Feldmann (University of Munich; AAA proteins in yeast), Dan Finley
(Harvard; proteasomal cap structure), Paul Freemont (ICRF London;
Structure of p97), Kai-Uwe Fröhlich (University of Tübingen; Cdc48p
family proteins), Carlos Gorbea (University of Utah; proteasomal
ATPases), Gregor Högenauer (University of Graz; diazaborine resistant
mutant 1), Koreaki Ito (University of Tokyo; ftsH family proteins),
Stephen Johnston (UT Southwestern; AAA transcription factors), Wolf
Kunau (University of Bochum; peroxisomal ATPases), Thomas Langer
(University of Munich; mitochondrial AAA proteins), Martin Latterich
(Salk Institute; AAA proteins in organelle biogenesis), Andrei Lupas
(SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals; Structure of the AAA domain),
Richard Newman (ICRF London; structure-function relationship of AAA
proteins), Teru Ogura (Kumamoto University; E. coli ftsH), Wolfgang
Schumann (Bayreuth; AAA proteins in B. subtilis), Clive Slaughter (UT
Southwestern; proteasomal AAA proteins), Suresh Subramani (UC San
Diego; AAA proteins on peroxisomal precursors), Peter Thorsness
(University of Wyoming; YME1), Graham Warren (ICRF London; p97 in
organelle biogenesis). We also will invite abstract submissions, and
after peer-review by the organizing committee, select 20 additional
speakers and all remaining abstracts as posters. 

Social Event

We plan to have a very special Harbor Cruise of San Diego Bay the last
evening of the meeting, April 18, 1999. The cruise will include a
banquet and dance, and naturally the beautiful sight of San Diego and
Coronado Bay Bridge at night.

Further Information

Please visit the meeting's web site at http://www.forem.com/aaa/  for
further information and registration forms.

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