Postdoctoral Positions, Protein Folding and Assembly

Peter Prevelige prevelig at uab.edu
Thu Aug 19 08:23:03 EST 1999

Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately in the Dept of
Microbiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). These
positions are in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Prevelige. 

1) A postdoctoral position is available to study the interactions
between the structural domains of the HIV Gag polyprotein in polymers
assembled in vitro, and in non-infectious budded particles. Amide H/D
exchange as detected by mass spectrometry will be employed to detect
intersubunit interfaces, and dynamic flexibility within the immature and
mature virions, and relate these determinations to the available high
resolution structures. This position will afford the applicant the
opportunity to develop skills in state of the art mass spectrometry,
protein purification, and eukaryotic molecular biology. The project is
collaborative with members of the UAB Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) 
The UAB CFAR is a top ranked research center, with an outstanding group
of interdisciplinary researchers. A Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry or
Biophysics with experience in the purification and handling of proteins
is preferred. This position is open immediately. 

2) A postdoctoral position is available to study the kinetics and
thermodynamics of protein/protein interactions during the assembly of
the bacteriophage P22. Bacteriophage P22 is a model system for the
assembly of dsDNA containing viruses, as well as for the control of form
determination in the assembly of supramolecular assemblies. The project
will involve the use of calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, small
angle X-ray scattering and and spectroscopic techniques (CD,
fluoresence) to characterize the interactions between the coat and
scaffolding protein molecules during capsid assembly. This project
involves a number of active and productive collaborations including
cyro-electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and NMR. A Ph.D in
Biochemistry or Biophysics with experience in purification and handling
of proteins is preferred. The position is open immediately.

Birmingham is a metropolitan region with a population of approximately 1
million and a moderate cost of living. UAB is a major research
university and medical center located within the city. 

for more information, please visit:


Interested candidates should contact:

Peter Prevelige
Dept of Microbiology, BBRB 416/6
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham AL. 35294

FAX 205 975-5479

email: prevelig at uab.edu
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