leucine zipper

Zhonglin Chai Zhonglin.Chai at med.monash.edu.au
Wed Aug 18 23:14:14 EST 1999

Dear all,
As we know that the "leucine zipper" has a pattern as L-x(6)-L-x(6)-
L-x(6)-L, a novel protein I am working on has two regions similar to this
pattern, reading as: region 1, L-x(6)-I-x(6)-L-x(6)-I-x(6)-L-x(6)-I (some I
- L replacements), and region 2, I-x(6)-V-x(6)-L-x(6)-I-x(6)-M (I, V, M, L
replacements). I wonder if the leucine residue in the "leucine zipper" can
be replaced by I, V, and M and the functions (dimerization?) remain with
the replacement?

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