glutaraldehyde cross-linking

Pauline Bariola Pauline.Bariola at ibpv.unil.ch
Tue Sep 1 04:35:39 EST 1998

I have been using the method of glutaraldehyde cross-linking to determine
the oligomerization state of a protein under different conditions.  Does
anyone know if the cross-linking reaction is inhibited at any pH,
particularly extreme pHs?

Also, if anyone knows a good reference article for this technique,
preferably including suggestions of the best reaction conditions to use, I
would appreciate being pointed toward it.

Please reply to my e-mail address as well as to the newsgroup.  Thanks in

Pauline Bariola
University of Lausanne
e-mail:  Pauline.Bariola at ibpv.unil.ch

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