groES EL source?

Lewis Wray lwray at bu.edu
Fri Oct 9 17:05:08 EST 1998

For some available GroESL and DnaKJ-GrpE plasmids see
M.-P. Castanie et al., Anal. Biochem. 254:150-152 (1997).

Good luck with protein.

Lew Wray

Neural net <neuralnet at aol.com> wrote in article
<19981009174015.12821.00014793 at ng67.aol.com>...
> Anyone know who sells a plasmid with GroEL GroES on it.  I am currently
> overexpressing and purifying a fungus protein in E. coli and of course it
> insoluble.  I would like to try coexpression with GroEL/ES to see if
> chaperonins will make my protein more soluble.
> thanks for any info,
> Rich Bennett

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