Cu(I) Plastocyanin

Oksana Cherniavskaya cherniav at fas.harvard.edu
Sat May 2 12:49:21 EST 1998


I am writing a paper trying to apply Marcus theory to electrong transfer
in biological systems. Needless to say, the model I am planning to use is
egregiously  oversimplified. 

Nevertheless, I am looking for the data regarding the
structure of the Cu(I) and Cu(II) Plastocyanin metal centers. Basically
what I need are the bond lengths and Raman or IR stretching frequencies of
the Cu(I)-S and Cu(I)-N bonds in these proteins. I found Raman and X-Ray 
studies of Cu(II) Plastocyanin in various random chemistry journals (after
hours and  hours in the library), but had absolutely no luck with Cu(I). 

I was wondering if such data is readily available, and if so where I could
find it.

I am very greatful for your advice.


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