MacLab and FPLC

Ross Turbyfill kturbyfi at ix.netcom.com
Fri Jan 30 18:00:48 EST 1998

I am considering replacing my two-channel chart recorder attached to my
Pharmacia FPLC with a device which will convert the analog information
from the UV monitor to a digital signal to dump into my Mac. 
ADInstruments markets PowerChrom and MacLab, a hardware
analog-to-digital convertor and chromatographic analysis software, for
the Macintosh and I'm really interested in potentially purchasing it.

	My BIG question is, has anyone out there connected their FPLC to this
device? Happy with it? Any bugs I should know about? Any other type of
software and hardware of this nature out there for the Macintosh?  

	Any help anyone could provide would be most appreciated....Please reply
via the newsgroup, or email at either

ross_turbyfill at wrsmtp-ccmail.army.mil


kturbyfi at ix.netcom.com

(Guess who doesn't know HTML)

Thanks again!  
Ross Turbyfill
Enteric Infections
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Washington, DC

"Change is inevitable....well, except maybe for that vending machine
down the hall."

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