Drawings of proteins

Jens G. Litske Petersen jglp at novo.dk
Fri Jan 30 09:12:14 EST 1998

Jens G. Litske Petersen wrote:

> Is someone able to give me the address of a Web site with a collection
> of drawings of well-known proteins (lysozyme etc.)? The figures are to
> be used as slides in a lecture, and should be rather simple showing 
> eg. amino acid sequence, disulfide bonds, site of N-glycosylation etc. 
> (the kind one often sees in text books).

Well, you might take a look at the pdb-server at http://www.pdb.bnl.gov
beside 3D-structure-files, the pdb provides images of the proteins in

I don't know wether the resolution is big enough for your needs, but it
is a start.

There is also a server in Switzerland, where you can get images of
proteins, unfortunately I have forgotten the URL. You may start your
search from the Rasmol-Homepage at http://www.umass.edu/microbio/rasmol/

If nothing helps, you can download one of the Molecule Viewers (Rasmol,
Molmol, SwissPDBViewer, WebLabViewer, Chime) and generate the images by



Marc Saric

Lehrstuhl fuer Biophysik
Projektgruppe Theoretische Biophysik

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum

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