Protein biochemist seeks position

Matthew Parker MatthewP at microbio.uab.edu
Sun Jan 25 18:31:09 EST 1998

	Hello! I am looking for a permanent position as a protein
biochemist or bioanalytical chemist. I am also willing to consider an
industrial postdoctoral position or a teaching position.	

	I have a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry and five years'
postdoctoral experience in various aspects of protein biochemistry. My
graduate research involved active site mapping of an enzyme involved
in the metabolism of toxic substances. For my postdoctoral research, I
have studied protein folding, protein engineering through
site-directed mutagenesis, and protein-protein interactions in viral
assembly pathways.

	Although my doctorate is in medicinal chemistry, I consider
myself more of a biochemist than an organic chemist (although I do
have extensive experience in organic synthesis and structure
determination [NMR, IR, GC/MS, HPLC, etc.). I have nearly ten years'
experience in developing and carrying out protein purification
methodologies. I am well versed in most techniques of protein
analysis, including CD, fluorescence, HPLC and other forms of
chromatography, and especially analytical ultracentrifugation, and
have considerable experience in molecular biology. I also have some
experience in calorimetry (DSC and ITC) and in surface plasmon
resonance (Biacore). I have teaching experience, both as a lab T.A.
and as a lecturer.

	Please contact me at MatthewP at microbio.uab.edu if you would
like me to send a complete CV.

	Thank you,

	Matthew Parker
	Dept. of Microbiology
	University of Alabama at Birmingham

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