Post-Doc wanted for emerging new field

Rosetta N. Reusch RNREUSCH at MSU.EDU
Fri Jan 23 14:53:49 EST 1998

A protein chemist/biochemist is sought immediately to join a small group
engaged in studying the physiological functions of the polyester,
poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB).  PHB is a component of all biological
cells with interesting solvent properties.  It's complexes with
polyphosphates form calcium channels in bacterial plasma membranes
(PNAS. 94, 9075 (1997)) and it has been found to be present in the
Ca-ATPase of human red blood cells (FEBS Lett. 412, 592 (1997)).
Recently, PHB was found to be conjugated to a number of  proteins in E.
coli (J. Biol. Chem 271, 22196 (1996)) and in eukaryotes (unpublished).
Your job would be to determine the amino acid binding site for PHB
conjugation and investigate the effect of PHB-conjugation on protein
function.  In addition, you will participate in a search for PHB
synthesis and degradation enzymes.  You should be expert in protein
purification procedures and knowledgeable about MALDI-MS.  If you are
interested in this NIH-funded position to develop a new area of research
with great potential importance, please do not respond to the Web site
but e-mail me directly at RNREUSCH at pilot.msu.edu.

Rosetta Reusch
Department of Microbiology
Michigan State University

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