Pierre Turpin pturpin at curie.fr
Thu Jan 22 03:49:10 EST 1998

In article <N.A.Hotchin-2101981626160001 at bcm20.bham.ac.uk>,
N.A.Hotchin at bham.ac.uk (N A Hotchin) wrote:

> Doos anyone have any experience of using AEBSF as a PMSF substitute in
> prep of GST fusion proteins. If so, what concentration do people use?
> Thanks
> Neil Hotchin

   We use AEBSF instead of PMSF in our lab (equivalent to Pefabloc, it's
much more stable and has a broader range of inhibition) at 0.2 mg/ml (for
a bacterial lysate for example).

   All the best.

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