Protein folding and Mr estimates

Pete pkursula at cc.oulu.fi
Fri Jan 23 04:03:35 EST 1998

On 22 Jan 1998, Cormac Shaw wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Semi-hypothetically speaking, what's the likelihood of this?:
> Two similar enzymes with essentially the same polypeptide chain length 
> and amino acid composition but with different folding conformations. 
> Niether are glycosylated.
> BUT the two have apparent relative molecular masses 
> of 74,000 and 79,000 on SDS-PAGE after treatment with 
> mercaptoethanol.
> Is this probable/possible/crazy? Any pointers towards references of 
> such occurances and/or comments very welcome. Maybe I'm just tired.
Could they (or one of them) be phosphorylated? That may have an effect.

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