staining gel shift gels

Mara Casar casar at niehs.nih.gov
Wed Jan 21 12:22:25 EST 1998

I'm curious to see if anyone has run a gel shift gel and then stained
for protein.  I'd like to get an estimation of my protein's molecular
weight, but it's nowhere near pure (that's the rest of my project...) so
I can't find it on SDS-PAGE.  What I would like to do is let my samples
bind to the 32P-labeled probe, run them on a 4% acrylamide gel (0.5x
TBE), and then stain the gel before exposing it to film.  I know that
both Coomassie and silver staining protocols fix the gel before
staining, but will this keep the DNA probe bound to proteins?  

Also, has anyone used molecular weight markers on gel shift gels?  I
recently found some (Pharmacia) that are for use on "native" gels, which
they say are Tris-glycine, no SDS.  Any ideas about whether they will
run into a TBE gel?  The pH is about the same, so that shouldn't be a

Thanks in advance...

Mara Casar

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