Zn precipitation of proteins

Nicole Rapior cbiei01 at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Jan 14 18:36:53 EST 1998

Pete wrote:
> Does anyone know any specific protein complexes that are precipitated
> from tissue homogenates by the addition of 1 mM Zn chloride.
> I get a huge precipitate when I add more than 0.1 mM Zn chloride that
> seems to contain specific proteins. If I only had a clue what these
> proteins could be...

Hi Pete,

as you didn't mentioned any other conditions, is it possible that
you use a phosphate-buffer? I don't want to insult, you but a lot of
people forget that zinc phosphate isn't very soluable! It might be the
reason for your precipitate.

Bye   Nicole

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