Help a student with science fair

sean hockeyst at concentric.net
Sat Jan 10 09:46:46 EST 1998

   I am a 15 year old science student that is starting a science fair
project concerning experimenting with an inexpensive and safe alternative
to polyacrymlide slab gels for protein gel electrophoresis.
   I will be trying to alter the composition of the agarose-synergel
mixture and running standards. Does anyone have any thoughts of things I
could do; physically to the gel to help in the separation and resolution
of the protein spread. I am trying to derive a process that would make the
resolution of the agarose mixture as good or close to a polyacrylmide gel.
Anything else that would seem relevant in the chemistry of the
electrophoresis process that could be changed to give better resolution
would be very appreciated.

Could you please email directly 

Thank you in advance

Sean A. Tabacsko
Center for the Arts and Sciences
Saginaw, MI USA
hockeyst at concentric.net

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